Paracord Survival Bracelets

Here are my paracord survival bracelets using the Cobra Weave/Solomon Bar. All colors are 550 paracord (other than the Olive that is 450 paracord) which means they are weighted for up to 450-550 pounds. That’s why they’re called “survival bracelets” because you have about 6-9 feet (depending on size) of very strong cord handy around your wrist, in case you’re ever in a survival situation. All orders will be the average size 8 unless informed otherwise at the time of purchase. I have black, white, blue, and pink contoured buckles, so please choose your buckle; otherwise I will choose the buckle. If you’d like to add glitter to any bracelet, just let me know. Paracord bracelets can be washed- so don’t worry about getting them dirty. We can make them casual, formal, or even glow in the dark! I also make King Cobra bracelets.

***Regarding Paracord Survival Bracelets- if you have a School/Team or group, please click here for a Team Starter Package.***

Choose from the below or create your own!

Please note that the purchase of a Breast Cancer awareness bracelet is not a contribution to the cause- if you’d like to make a donation, please contact Susan G. Komen for the Cure directly. Also, any purchase of an Autism awareness bracelet is not a contribution to the cause- please contact Autism Speaks directly if you’d like to donate.

*****If interested in purchasing an item, please contact me at with the description of what you’re wanting and I’ll quote you a price and confirm I have the supplies needed to fulfill your request. Thanks so much!

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